Mini program development company: What are the common functions of car model display mini programs

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, mini programs have gradually become a powerful tool for display and promotion in various industries. For the automotive industry, mini programs are increasingly used and have become a common way to display car models.

Then, the professional mini program development company New Mileage Technology will give you a detailed introduction. The mini program is being produced. What are the common functions of model display?

The car model display functions in mini program production are diverse. It can show users the appearance, interior, performance and other aspects of the vehicle through picture display, parameter introduction, panoramic display, virtual test drive, car owner evaluation, navigation services, etc. Information. The integration of these functions not only improves users’ car buying experience, but also provides new ways for promotion and sales in the automotive industry. It is believed that with the advancement of technology and the continuous changes in user needs, the functions of the model display applet will be more abundant and innovative in the future.

1. An important function in the car model display applet is picture display

By displaying all angles and internal and external details of the vehicle, users can have a clearer understanding of the vehicle’s exterior design and configuration. These pictures can be high-definition official pictures or real photos uploaded by car owners to increase users’ trust in the vehicle and their desire to buy.

2. Car model display app usually also includes vehicle parameter introduction

These parameters include the vehicle’s size, weight, power system, fuel consumption, etc. By clearly presenting this information, users can intuitively compare the differences between different models and choose the vehicle that best suits them. It can also display vehicle configuration options for users to choose and customize, improving the personalization of car purchases.

Mini program development company: What are the common functions of car model display mini programs

3. The car model display applet can also provide a 360-degree panoramic display function of the vehicle

By dragging the mouse or sliding the screen with your finger, users can freely view the exterior and interior of the vehicle. This interactive display method can more realistically restore the appearance of the vehicle, giving users an immersive feeling and improving the accuracy of car purchasing decisions.

4. In order to allow users to better experience the car model, the model display applet also provides a virtual test drive function

Users can conduct a virtual test drive through the mini program to experience the comfort and performance of the vehicle. Some small programs can even be combined with virtual reality technology to make users feel as if they are actually inside the vehicle, greatly improving the realism of the car buying experience.

5. Provides car owner evaluation and user comment functions

In order to increase users’ trust in car models, some car model display applets also provide car owner evaluation and user comment functions. Users can view other car owners’ reviews and experience of the vehicle as a reference for decision-making. Users can also evaluate and comment on the models they have used, share car purchase experiences with other users, and increase interaction and social attributes between users.

6. Provide store map navigation function

The car model display applet can also be combined with the map navigation function to provide users with convenient car purchasing services. Users can view the locations of nearby dealers and showrooms through the mini program and obtain navigation routes to facilitate on-site inspections and test drives.

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