Mini Program Development Company: Order Tracking Mini Program Production and Common Functions

With the popularity of online shopping and the prosperity of the e-commerce market, order tracking has become crucial for merchants and consumers. In order to meet the needs of users, more and more companies are beginning to use mini programs to create order tracking functions.

The order tracking function created by the mini program has rich application scenarios and common functions. With the continuous development of Internet technology, mini programs not only provide consumers with a better shopping experience, but also provide merchants with more marketing and service methods. The use of order tracking applet will become a communication bridge between merchants and consumers and promote the development of the e-commerce industry.

Professional Mini Program Development Company New Mileage Technology will give you a detailed introduction to what order tracking mini programs are. What about common functions?

1. Real-time update of order status

In the mini program, real-time updating of order status is one of the most basic functions. Consumers can check the current status of the goods they purchased by entering the order number or scanning the QR code. These statuses can include: pending shipment, shipped, in transit, delivered, etc. Through real-time updates, consumers can know the latest updates on their orders at any time, improving the shopping experience.

2. Logistics track query

Logistics track query is one of the important functions of the order tracking applet. Consumers can check the logistics track of the goods by entering the order number or express delivery number. By connecting with the express company, the mini program can obtain the logistics information of the package in real time and display it in the mini program for users to query. Consumers can know the location of the package and the estimated delivery time at any time, so they can better organize their time.

Mini Program Development Company: Order Tracking Mini Program Production and Common Functions

3. View order details

Viewing order details is one of the core functions for users to query order information in the mini program. Users can view order details by clicking on the order list or querying by order number. The order details page can include product information, order amount, shipping address, payment method, etc. Through clear order details, consumers can fully understand their shopping information and reduce unnecessary disputes and misunderstandings.

4. After-sales service application

After-sales service application is one of the important functions in the order tracking applet. Users can submit after-sales applications, such as returns and exchanges, through the mini program. The mini program can provide users with a form to fill in after-sales applications, including problem description, uploading photos and other functions, making it easier for users to accurately describe problems and needs. After receiving the application, the merchant can also review and process it through the mini program, which improves the efficiency of after-sales service and user satisfaction.

5. Evaluation and sharing functions

The evaluation and sharing function is one of the most valuable functions in the order tracking applet. Users can evaluate products in the mini program, including product quality, logistics speed, complete packaging, etc. These reviews can help other users make better shopping decisions. Users can also share their shopping experiences to social media through mini programs to expand the merchant’s brand influence and market visibility.

6. Customer service online consultation

The customer service online consultation function is a very important part of the order tracking applet. Users can communicate with merchant customer service online in real time through the mini program to solve problems and doubts they encounter. Customer service staff can communicate with users instantly through the chat interface provided by the mini program, provide shopping consultation and after-sales service support, and enhance users’ trust in merchants.

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