Mini program production to show common functions of products

With the development of mobile Internet, mini programs have become one of the important tools for enterprises to display their products. Mini programs are favored by more and more enterprises because of their convenience, speed, and lightweight characteristics. So, what are the common functions for displaying products in mini program production? This article will introduce several common functions to help companies create better mini programs.

1. Product display function

As one of the core functions of mini programs, product display is a function that every enterprise mini program needs to have. Through mini programs, companies can display their products and services, and use pictures, text, videos, etc. to show users the features and advantages of their products. You can create different pages to display different products and enrich users’ choices.

2. Product classification and search function

Product classification and search functions are important functions that help users quickly find the products they need. By categorizing products, users can more easily browse and filter out products that meet their needs. At the same time, the search function can effectively improve the user experience, allowing users to quickly find the products they want.

Mini program production to show common functions of products

3. Evaluation and comment functions

User ratings and reviews of products play a vital role in purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to add evaluation and comment functions to mini programs. Users can evaluate and leave messages about products in the mini program, allowing other users to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product and make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Shopping cart and ordering functions

For a small program with e-commerce attributes, the shopping cart and ordering functions are essential. Users can add their favorite products to the shopping cart and then make unified settlement in the shopping cart. At the same time, the mini program can also provide a variety of payment methods to facilitate users to easily complete the payment of orders.

5. Customer service and consultation functions

Sometimes users have questions or need to consult relevant information during the purchase of products. In order to facilitate users’ consultation and answer questions, the mini program needs to provide customer service and consultation functions. Through online customer service, message boards, etc., users can get the help and answers they need in a timely manner, improving user satisfaction.

6. Sharing and recommendation functions

Sharing and recommendation functions can help companies expand product exposure and user coverage. Through the mini program, users can share their favorite products to their circle of friends or other social platforms and recommend them to others, thus bringing more potential customers to the company.

7. Map navigation function

If the company has offline physical stores, the map navigation function will be very useful. Users can obtain the specific location information of corporate stores through the mini program and navigate to the destination, improving the user’s in-store experience.

Displaying products in mini program production has the above common functions, which can improve product exposure and user experience, and help companies attract more potential customers. Of course, more personalized functions can be added according to different industries and enterprise needs. Therefore, when making a mini program, companies should reasonably choose appropriate functions based on their actual situation and positioning, and create an attractive mini program that is in line with the corporate image.


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