Group buying platform mini program production, common functions list

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, mini programs have become an indispensable part of all walks of life. For the group buying industry, the creation and application of mini programs is one of the important means to improve user experience and merchant sales. So, what are the common functions in mini programs on group buying platforms? let’s figure it out together.

1. Product display and classification

In the mini program of the group buying platform, the display and classification functions of products are indispensable. After entering the mini program, users can quickly find the products they are interested in by browsing product categories. At the same time, it can be sorted according to different needs, such as price, sales volume, etc., so that users can choose the products that best meet their needs.

2. User registration and login

The small program of the group buying platform requires users to register and log in, so that users can record and manage personal information when making group purchases, and it is also convenient for merchants to collect user data statistics and accurately push. Users can register and log in through mobile phone number, WeChat login, etc., to improve user convenience and user experience.

Group buying platform mini program production, common functions list

3. Order management

In the mini program of the group buying platform, order management is one of the core functions. After selecting the product, the user can add the product to the shopping cart and submit and pay for the order after confirmation. At the same time, users can check the status of orders, logistics information, and perform after-sales services in the mini program. For merchants, order management is even more essential. Orders can be managed and counted through small programs to improve work efficiency.

4. Coupon and points system

In order to attract more users to participate in group buying activities, mini programs on group buying platforms usually set up coupons and points systems. Users can earn points by participating in activities, purchasing goods, etc., and can use points to offset or redeem goods on the group buying platform. Coupons can be deducted at the time of purchase, increasing users’ participation and satisfaction in group purchasing activities.

5. Event promotion and sharing

In the mini-programs of group buying platforms, event promotion is a very important part. Through the push function of the mini program, merchants can regularly push the latest group buying activities, promotional information, etc. to attract users’ attention and participation. At the same time, by setting up a sharing function in the mini program, users can share the products or activities they are interested in with friends, family, etc., expanding the influence and user base of the group buying platform.

6. Geographical positioning and navigation

For some offline physical stores, the group buying platform’s mini program can also provide geographical positioning and navigation functions. Through the mini program, users can learn the merchant’s address, contact information and the best route to the merchant, making it convenient for users to carry out shopping or group buying activities.

7. User reviews and feedback

In order to improve the service quality and user experience of group buying platforms, mini programs usually have user evaluation and feedback functions. Users can evaluate products, merchants and services, and provide relevant suggestions and opinions. Merchants can improve their services in a timely manner through users’ evaluations and feedback, and communicate and interact with users.

Common functions in mini program production for group buying platforms include product display and classification, user registration and login, order management, coupon and points system, event promotion and sharing, geographical location positioning and navigation, user evaluation and feedback, etc. The use of these functions not only improves users’ shopping experience on the group buying platform, but also promotes merchants’ sales and operational effects. With the continuous innovation and development of technology, it is believed that the production of mini programs on group buying platforms will become more and more diversified and personalized, bringing more convenience and benefits to users and merchants.


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