Electronic product store applet production, learn about common functions

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the sales of electronic products have gradually shifted from physical stores to online platforms. In order to better meet consumers’ shopping needs, more and more electronic product stores have begun to develop their own mini programs. So, what are the common functions of small programs in electronic product stores? This article will reveal it to you one by one.

Common function one: product display

As a small program for an electronic product store, its most basic function is of course to display products. Users can learn about the categories, models, prices and other information of electronic products by browsing the mini program. In order to display products more intuitively, merchants usually provide some pictures or videos for each product so that users can better understand the appearance and performance of the product.

Common function two: product search

There are many types of electronic products, and users often need to search for suitable products based on their own needs when shopping. Therefore, mini programs in electronic product stores usually provide product search functions. Users only need to enter keywords, and the mini program will quickly display a list of matching products. This not only facilitates users’ shopping, but also improves their shopping experience.

Electronic product store applet production, learn about common functions

Common function three: product classification

In addition to the search function, product classification is also one of the indispensable functions of an electronic product store applet. Merchants can classify products according to their brand, model, price and other information, and users can quickly find the products they need by browsing the categories. This classification method not only improves users’ shopping efficiency, but also brings more sales opportunities to merchants.

Common function four: shopping cart

The shopping cart is one of the essential functions in the electronic product store applet. When users browse products, they can add their favorite products to the shopping cart at any time to facilitate subsequent settlement and management. Moreover, in the shopping cart, users can also delete purchased products, modify the quantity, etc., allowing users to have more autonomy and shopping fun.

Common function five: online payment

As a modern e-commerce platform, electronic product store mini programs must provide safe and convenient online payment functions. After users purchase electronic products, they can complete the payment process through the mini program without going to other websites or APPs. Merchants usually provide multiple payment methods, such as WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc., to meet the needs of different users.

Common function six: order management

Order management is one of the very important functions in the electronic product store applet. Merchants can check order information through the mini program, understand customers’ purchasing status, and process orders in a timely manner. Users can check purchased products, order status and other information in the mini program, and keep track of their shopping status at any time.

Common function seven: customer service

In order to provide a better shopping experience, electronic product store mini programs usually provide customer service functions. Users can consult pre-sales issues, understand product warranty policies, submit after-sales applications, etc. through the mini program. Merchants can also respond to users’ questions and feedback in a timely manner through mini programs to increase user satisfaction and loyalty.

The electronic product store’s mini program consists of common functions such as product display, product search, product classification, shopping cart, online payment, order management, and customer service. These functions not only improve users’ shopping experience, but also facilitate merchants’ management and operations. I believe that with the continuous development of technology, electronic product store mini programs will have more and better functions, bringing consumers a more convenient and comfortable shopping experience.


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